Ten ways to untether yourself from earthly cares

When the heaviness of earthly cares begins to weigh down your spirit and exhaust you physically and emotionally, it is vital that you turn to your intentional living toolbox for help in untethering yourself from noisy and unsettling ruminations. Here are a few of our favorite ways to rest your mind and restore inner calm: 


  • Play relaxing music instead of the news in your home: Give your mind a break from news updates and even podcasts. Relaxing music can quiet your mind, relax your muscles and lower your stress.
  • Take a hike: Get your vitamin D, your blood pumping, and your fill of natural beauty all at once! One of THE best resets for a weary body and soul. 
  • Attend Church services: Orthodox liturgical services are otherworldly. Participating in Church is like stepping out of temporal time and into eternal time. 
  • Read a novel: Becoming engrossed in a compelling story is an excellent way to untether from the world! There are few things as fulfilling as curling up with hot tea and a good book. 
  • Work on a creative project: Paint, knit, cross stitch, rearrange your furniture, build a bookcase, write a poem, try a new recipe… Get your hands dirty in an act of creation and free your mind from ruminations. 
  • Write down calming verses, quotes or poems and hang them on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, or next to your computer. Better yet, memorize some Psalms and recite them throughout the day in times of stress or overwhelm!
  • Help a neighbor: Offering help, healing, and encouragement to others feeds our own souls and provides a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. 
  • Prayer and Mindfulness: Plug into Christ and His peace all day long through frequent prayer and stillness.  
  • Remove apps from your phone that tempt you to doomscroll.  It’s no secret that social media is addictive. It takes a real concerted effort to create boundaries when it comes to your phone. Small changes, however, can make a big difference. Be intentional about guarding your mind and heart from agitating content. 
  • Build a habit of gratitude: Train your mind and soul to shift your focus away from earthly cares and on to evidences of God’s presence and goodness. Keep a gratitude journal, pray the Akathist of Thanksgiving, curb your complaining, reflect on the love, blessings, and beauty right in front of you. 



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