Do you wish you could explore purposeful, fulfilling hobbies in a simpler way? 

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This course is a resource-packed 10-week online experience starting June 10th!  

It provides a light-hearted and fun way to explore new hobbies that fit into your daily life within a community of those who are like-minded.

Back to Basics is about returning to the fulfilling habits that generations before us intuitively knew and thrived in.

Reclaiming the joy and beauty of living

Letting light into our lives

Enhancing our lifestyle with healthy habits and hobbies

We will cover topics including:

  • A new mindset on how to joyfully view food
  • The creative beauty of sourdough bread-making
  • Discovering the joy of cooking and celebrating the act of eating
  • We will provide the necessary tools to help you up your kitchen game through teaching knife skills, the 7 steps to intuitive cooking, and how to be resourceful with making quick, nutrient-rich meals taste amazing
  • The rhythm of food preservation
  • Cultivating a life of love and hospitality
  • Natural remedies for your most common health concerns
  • A beginner‚Äôs guide to medicinal herbs
  • Creating a healthy, wholesome home

It also includes reflective exercises to deepen the exploration process, weekly community-based calls where you can join in on exciting conversations with other people like yourself, and a ton of additional resources and handouts that you won’t want to miss!

You can participate in the course alongside the community and attend the live calls each week. Or, you can go at your own pace and watch the recordings when you can. There is no pressure here! It is just fun, joy, and a fulfilling and inspiring learning experience.

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What's included in the course:


‚úĒ¬†¬†Kick-off emails every Sunday starting June 9th

‚úĒ ¬†In-depth instructional videos every week

‚úĒ ¬†Lifetime access & online portal for all course content in one convenient place

‚úĒ ¬†A fun ‚ÄúTea Time‚ÄĚ chat & challenge video with Olympia, Cynthia & Molly every Friday sent straight to your email

‚úĒ ¬†Weekly Community Calls on Saturdays (recorded if you can't make it)

‚úĒ ¬†A Private WhatsApp community throughout the week

‚úĒ ¬†Weekly encouragements, reflection questions & activities

‚úĒ¬† 150+ page E-book FREE with purchase of the course

‚úĒ¬† Olympia‚Äôs own San Francisco sourdough starter for the first 100 people who sign up



Back to Basics is a ten-week online immersion experience in cultivating an abundant, beautiful way of life.


Orthodox homesteader Olympia Rusu, Molly Sabourin, and Cynthia Damaskos bring you this community-based movement towards radical simplicity and better stewardship of our land, health and homes.

Meet your Team

Olympia Rusu is an Orthodox Christian, homesteader, and certified holistic nutritionist. She and her husband Ephraim uprooted their lives in California to cultivate a 7.5 acre farm in North Carolina in April 2022.

They have since started a tea company and sell their sourdough, teas, & produce at farmer’s markets and local boutique stores.

With an integrative approach to medicine and nutrition counseling, Olympia focuses on addressing the whole person rather than individual body systems because she has learned that there is an inseparable whole body connection between what we believe, what we eat, and how we live.

Her nutrition coaching, farm shop, and blog can be found at

Molly Sabourin is a freelance writer focusing on family, faith, and community issues. She is a wife and mother of four, and her first book, Close to Home, has become a source of comfort and inspiration to many.

Molly is the co-host of the Filled With Less podcast on Ancient Faith Radio and has spoken at several Ancient Faith conferences. She is also the co-founder of Filled With Less Ministries.

She specializes in helping others declutter all areas of life, thereby reducing stress, and increasing peace, joy, and productivity so that they can pursue a more simple and calm existence.

You can find her blog at

Cynthia Damaskos is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Management. 

She is the author of The Holistic Christian Woman and hosts the Holistic Christian Life podcast. She is also the co-host of the Filled With Less podcast on Ancient Faith Radio and the co-founder of Filled With Less Ministries.

She believes we must be intentional about being a good steward of our two biggest gifts, our life and our bodies. 

You can find more about her at and


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