Sparking joy!

After Christmas break, I was a little dejected by the upheaval to my systems and routines and resulting clutter. For some odd reason, it was my jewelry storage situation that felt the most pressing.


On my dresser were three random boxes of tangled necklaces, loose earrings and earring backs, bracelets, and small pendants all mixed up and knotted together. I really enjoy the jewelry I’ve collected over the years ( they’re like little pieces of art) but couldn’t see what I had and never wore most of it. 


While in the garage,  I spotted an old bicycle basket with its metal mesh bottom and it gave me an idea! I could display my wire hook earrings on it and hang my necklaces from the top. In the basket itself, I could keep smaller containers of earring backs and studs, small pendants, and bracelets. It was definitely an outside the box solution, but hey.. it was free and accessible! 


I am happy to report it worked beautifully! Sorting through what I had and discarding what was broken left me with only my favorite pieces, now organized and pretty to look at. Joy was indeed sparked! And not only joy, but the drive to keep going. 


That quick decluttering win got me unstuck from the paralyzation of indecision, where everything feels rather dusty and disheveled but you don't know where or how to begin. I needed that instant gratification, that energizing burst of an accomplishment to build a momentum of productivity that was stronger than my avoidance and overwhelm.


Since then, I have decluttered our entire bedroom, the bathrooms, a few closets, and I’ve been working on the kitchen. I spruced up our laundry room by scrubbing the cement floors, reorganizing, and creating a lovely inviting space to wash, dry, fold and iron. It’s made me look forward to waking early and getting started on my day knowing with each little 15 minute decluttering project, I’ll be hit with a healthy burst of dopamine that boosts my mood, calms my soul, improves my perspectives, and makes me content with what I already have instead of lusting after more and more and more. 


Yesterday we recorded our January episode of the Filled With Less podcast and we interviewed Kristina and Matina of “Two Tidy Tinas”. They are professional organizers in South Carolina and had some really great tips for obtaining and maintaining calm and organization within your home. Click here to download their free Get Organized Guide.  That episode will be posted shortly! 


Is there an area of your living or work space that could use some refreshing? Carve out a few moments to bless your home today, and bless your mind and soul in the process! 

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