Give your mind a rest

God is always inviting us to take leaps of faith and trust Him in situations outside of our control. These opportunities to pray, then wait and trust, teach us to lean completely on Christ for peace and discernment. 


Give your mind a rest from ruminating and trying to figure things out. Just “be” and practice stillness, patience, and becoming receptive to God’s will. 


A noisy heart cannot hear the Holy Spirit. We must get quiet enough to listen and respond with hope and calm. 

When we rush into tomorrow

Rush to judgment

Rush through our days 

Rush through our lives

Our health, souls, and relationships suffer 


We must slow down…

to pray and commune with Christ 

to prepare nourishing meals

to actively listen and seek to understand

to marvel at beauty and contemplate our blessings

to LOVE, repent, and listen for the Holy Spirit's guidance

As much as possible, quiet your distractions, surrender your anxious thoughts about the future, prioritize your spiritual/physical/mental/relational wellness, and remain present, vigilant and grateful. 


This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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