Fifteen Minute Wins

The mornings I don’t create an agenda for myself, decision fatigue sets in and I find I become easily distracted by impulsive phone breaks. Suddenly I just HAVE to know what is on clearance at Land’s End, or what super thoughtful gift I could order from Etsy, or how to make the world’s best gluten free brownies …. You get the point.


I noticed that these impromptu phone sessions would last around fifteen minutes so the other day I challenged myself to figure out how many fifteen minute projects I could get done in lieu of caving to procrastination. I set my intention to notice those seemingly irresistible urges to grab my phone and rather than mindlessly give into them, choose something on my master to-do list to try and tackle instead. 


I was surprised by how efficient I could be when remaining vigilant about staying on task and doing the next right scheduled thing, and by replacing my spontaneous phone breaks with little fifteen minute spurts of productivity.  


You know what takes less than fifteen minutes?


Whipping up a batch of nutritious muffins


Cleaning out the fridge


Emptying the dishwasher


Wiping down the bathrooms


Answering an email


Starting a load of laundry


Cutting up butternut squash to roast for dinner


I was able to accomplish all of the above, on top of my planned schedule for the day, just by remaining in the present moment, focusing on the task at hand, and maintaining a steady momentum rather than disrupting my rhythm of productivity with frequent stops and starts. 


Small and consistent beats ambitious but erratic when it comes to chipping away at our to-do-list and implementing new healthy habits. Being faithful in the little things can transform your life and home. 

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