A Holy Space

Several years ago, when we lived in the Great Northwest, we had some friends over for dinner. It was wet and cold outside, so I had our guests put their bulky coats and purses on my bed.

My bedroom was, to me, a lovely, cheerful space.

I had oak furniture that my Yiayia and Papou (Grandmother and Grandfather) had bought us as a wedding gift. My comforter was older, but still looked fresh and bright. My sweet sister, from the fabric of some lovely old curtains that my Aunt had bequeathed me, sewed the bed pillows. My other Yiayia knitted the blanket we used in the winter. The walls were a warm, golden yellow. The two bed-lamps were large, but fit the space nicely, given to me by a dear friend who no longer needed them. On one wall, was my wedding picture with my amazing husband: we looked like two teenagers. I kiddingly would tell guests that that was my first husband. They always took a second look before laughing. Thirty years changes a person! An icon of Christ and Panagia (the Virgin Mary) hung opposite the bed to greet me each morning.

I enjoyed this precious space and tried to keep it tidy and clean.

At some point in our evening together, each of my female guests mentioned that they were surprised that I had let them see my bedroom. They said they would be too embarrassed to ever let anyone see theirs. I thought about this for a few days.

Within our homes there are many spaces: Our kitchen, where our bodily nourishment is prepared, our dining room, where we break bread with our families and friends, our living rooms, where we share many special conversations and play games, our iconostasis where we pray to our dear Lord… and our master bedroom, where our precious children were conceived… where we actually co-created with God in giving life to someone within our own bodies. Such a mystery!

Imagine for a moment the Holy Altar at Church.

It is in this sacred space that the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of our Lord. Not an everyday event! It stands to reason that the vessels are gold, that the altar cloth is ornate, and that the tabernacle light does not go unlit. Everything in the altar is created for beauty and function. So, it is in our bedrooms. It is in this holy space that we express our deepest feelings for our husbands. It is here that our marriage is consummated and here that we bring new life into the world. It is also in this space that we receive our much needed daily respite, to allow our bodies to rejuvenate. Even if we are single, the master bedroom is a Holy Space, and as such it deserves respect and dignity.

Take a look around your bedroom.

Do you like what you see? Does there exist both function and beauty? How is the bed covering? Lovely and attractive or has it seen better days?  How are the surfaces…tastefully appointed or a little disappointing? How is the lighting? Is there enough of it? How about the paint color? Is it to your liking? The appearance of a space speaks alot of its inhabitants! We are the children of God, the crown of creation, the object of God’s love and salvation. This is manifested in the space in which we dwell.

Beauty need not be costly, but it is a holy action to offer our best to our spouse, to our family, and to those for whom we offer philoxania (hospitality to strangers).

Some of the ancient philosophers emphasized the material world, others the spiritual. As Christians, we emphasize both and negate neither. We use God’s creation as a means of growing closer to Him, of glorifying Him and of expressing ourselves as His unique children. We are creative just as He is creative.

May we all continue to use this gift, coupled with the knowledge that we are worthy of respect and dignity, to create a master bedroom that is a Godly, well-appointed sanctuary for our soul and body.


Written by Stacey Dorrance from eikona.com

©2020 filledwithless.com

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