Tuesdays with Mom


On Tuesdays, my mom and I get together to chat over coffee, run errands, etc. This regularly scheduled mom/daughter appointment began several months ago when I realized that, due to “busyness”, we would continue living close together without regularly connecting unless we were more intentional about prioritizing our relationship. These special visits are now a part of my weekly rhythm and I have benefited immensely from that decision. 


Recently, we had this idea to make our Tuesday get-togethers more creative and fruitful. With winter around the corner and the holidays coming up we thought it would be fabulous to have our freezers full of soups, stews and baked goods that could be pulled out the night before for warm and cozy dinners. It would also be great for guests and stress-free hospitality! This week we made copious amounts of vegetable beef soup. We will keep some for ourselves and use the rest for coffee hour on Sunday. Next week, we’ll focus on cookies! 


It is amazing how slowing down and taking stock of your deepest values can make you more productive in terms of what matters most. When I paused to reflect on my own highest priorities, what rose to the top were my faith, family, friendships, parish community, this FWL Ministry, and spreading calm, hope, and beauty.   With that in mind, I began assessing where I was spending my time and energy, and then locating any disconnects between my habits, commitments and heartfelt desire for living a meaningful and purposeful life. 


Slowly but surely, over the last couple of years, I’ve made more room in my days for the people, routines and experiences that bring me joy and fulfillment. It’s a simpler way of life I must protect from the noise and chaos that try to creep into my thoughts and schedule. The quiet helps me listen for God and find Him in the holy and ordinary details of an existence devoted to peace and repentance, gratitude and humility, love and creativity. 


As I type this, I’m filled with thankfulness for the four big pots of soup simmering on the stove, for my mom who helped me chop, cook and clean, for the loved ones who will be fed by our efforts, and for the tranquility of this present moment.

My heart is full. 

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