Living In Tension

This month on the FWL Podcast, Cynthia and I talk very candidly about the realities of living in tension, where we often find ourselves on the brink of a downward spiral due to unsettling circumstances we feel desperate to be delivered from.  


Maybe it’s a health diagnosis, or a family crisis, or relational tension, or workplace stress, or world events that feel ominous and scary. “If only this …. fill in the blank… situation could be resolved, then I’d be calm and productive,” we reason, but the tension keeps coming in waves, one wave right after the other. As one wave passes, a new one rises up right behind it, threatening to crash down and pull us under. We can exhaust ourselves trying to stay afloat and swim to safer waters, but maybe the point is not to evade these storms but to find Christ and our own salvation within them. 


Changing our mindset around struggle and uncertainty can help us glean invaluable spiritual insights about faith, love, humility, healing, and resurrection. But what does it mean to make peace with the tension? Is that even possible? That’s the question we explore in detail for our June episode. We pray our conversation brings you comfort in knowing you aren’t alone and perhaps a new perspective on bearing your crosses with hope and patience. 


Click HERE to listen

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