Aging With Vitality


I recently participated in a discussion on aging with vitality. We shared what that meant to us personally, and the answers were uplifting and varied. We wanted the physical strength and flexibility to hike, travel, work, and play with grandchildren or godchildren. We wanted minds engaged and curious, always learning and expanding. We wanted hobbies and meaningful endeavors. But most of all, we wanted hearts abundant in gratitude, faith, compassion, and joy.


Growing older brings many new challenges, but also blessings if we can lean into the journey, moving forward rather than backward or becoming stuck at dead ends. I am currently learning and living this; thus, I am frequently coming to terms with big and small transitions while trying to avoid the pitfalls of yielding to resistance or forlornness.


How I speak about my life, to myself and others, determines how I view it, with all its many changes, shattered expectations, and unknowns. Fixating on what I’ve lost or could still yet lose weighs me down and keeps me timid, tired, insecure, and fearful.  I have to flip the script to replace heaviness with buoyancy.


When I call out what is beautiful about this specific season of my life with words of hope and thanksgiving, contentment supplants nostalgia, igniting energizing sparks of possibility.  I am older and more susceptible to declension but also wiser, more patient and resilient, less afraid of failure, and more cognizant of what is and is not mine to control.


Now is a crucial time to prioritize the continuous renewal of my body, mind, and soul, for myself and the generations behind me. Leaving a legacy of light, peace, creativity, generosity, and love is profoundly motivating. May my brief yet precious life upon this earth be marked by repentance, perseverance, and pursuits of eternal value.


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