A Return to Wholeness

Monday morning at 4:30 am, Cynthia picked me up and drove us to the airport where we caught an 8:00 am flight to North Carolina. All this week we are creating and visiting with Olympia Rusu at her St. Basil farm and it feels like a dream. One year ago, I would have never imagined this very special partnership God would orchestrate through a series of divine connections and conversations leading to the development of a course we are SO excited to share with you!



Back to Basics is a labor of love. It is a return to wholeness, and an invitation to slow down and commune with Christ through nature, creativity, hospitality, and beauty.  Olympia has worked so very hard to design these lessons on developing fulfilling hobbies that generations before us intuitively knew and thrived in. Whether you have acres of land and a natural green thumb or live in a studio apartment in the city, her encouraging tutorials will meet you right where you’re at. I’m eager to dive in myself and learn new fun and gratifying skills that will increase my joy and vitality.



Over the last many months, I’ve been actively adopting changes that are making my world smaller and ridding my body, mind and home of toxins that increase stress, despondency and inflammation. For me, Back to Basics is like a how-to guide for curating a kind of countercultural existence rich in nourishment and peace. If you, too, are longing for simplicity and more loveliness and deliciousness in your life, please do come and join us!!



Today, though, I’ll be here on the homestead getting my hands dirty in the soil and soaking in new sights, tastes, insights, and friendships.

Click HERE to find out more about our course, which is starting JUNE 10TH!  We’d sure love to take this journey with you!

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