Spiritual vs. Physical Illness

“Why do you fight the good fight when you have no obedience? Whenever you were assigned to serve at a certain place as Abbot, you complained about it, asking to be excused.  You must not do so anymore!  Know that you must carry out every obedience with much love, earnestly, and with zeal, without paying attention to the envy and malice around you.”  Our Lord in a dream to Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

For many years Elder Thaddeus was unhappy with his life.  He wanted to live a life of peace and solitude, but God wanted to use him in other ways.  This unhappiness affected his health to the point of depression and even heart issues. 

Medication did not help, as this was a spiritual illness.  When our Lord appeared to him in a dream, He admonished Elder Thaddeus to keep his head down, don’t worry about others and what he isn’t in control of, and just focus on being obedient to the life God gave him. 

How many of us are battling ill health rooted in discontent with our lives?  Are you living your life in obedience with love, earnestly, and with zeal? 

Let God do His work through you today, no matter where you find yourself. 

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