Getting Unstuck From Hypervigilance

Do you ever feel like you are living in a chronic state of dread? Just waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for your hopes to be dashed, or that person to disappoint you, or for you to disappoint yourself…again


I would venture to say we ALL feel that way from time to time, especially since, in the past, perhaps that shoe HAS dropped, our hopes WERE dashed, that person DID disappoint us, and we have certainly disappointed ourselves. Maybe you were let go from your job, endured a painful divorce, or were rejected from your dream college. Maybe your kids are really struggling, or your health is suffering, or the world just seems so dangerous and divided. 


There are a million reasons why we might find ourselves wrestling against a downward spiral of negative thinking. But what happens when we get stuck in that spiral... for days, or months, or years? What are the physical, spiritual, mental and relational ramifications of adopting a long-term default state of anxiousness and pessimism? And how do we push back against it and let in some much needed light? 


Well that is the subject of this month’s FWL Podcast featuring our interview with Fr. Joshua Makoul on the topic of, “Hypervigilance: The robber of gratitude and all that is good.” 


For me, It was a very eye opening conversation that revealed some of my own vulnerabilities and provided some powerful tools for staying hopeful and spiritually productive in both seasons of stability and struggle. We hope you find it helpful as well!


HERE is the link to listen!



On another note, at the beginning of this podcast you will hear Cynthia trying to convince me not to give up on natural deodorant! : ) I’m a fairly new convert and was getting close to caving and returning to my old antiperspirant ways  but she convinced me to stick with it and explore other natural options until I find the right fit for me. In an effort to continue taking baby steps towards ridding my home and body of toxins, this week I’ve been trying THIS DIY deodorant and I DON”T HATE IT! It’s easy to make, and surprisingly fulfilling to create my own toxin-free hygiene and cleaning products (did I mention I’ve used hempseed oil as a moisturizer for years?)!


Speaking of  simplifying and adopting new healing rituals and habits, lately I’ve been very inspired by our friend Olympia Rusu,  a certified holistic nutritionist homesteading on her Saint Basil Farm in North Carolina. Her website is so peaceful and lovely and she shares all kinds of tips for  “cultivating a different kind of life, one that is deeply purposeful, abundant and beautiful.”  This month she is launching her new Saint Basil Specialty Medicinal Teas! I can’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail! You can check them out HERE . She is offering a discount for anyone in our FWL Community! For 15% off your order, use the code newyearnewtea15 at check out! 


That's all for now! Peace and LIGHT to you, friends! God is with us! xoxoxo


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